Software That Works

Agenda Systems has the simple philosophy of delivering business systems that are value for money.

We call this "Predictably Delivering Reliable Systems".

That is, both our customers and ourselves are confident that the systems will be delivered on time and to specification. Similar confidence is applied to the reliability and robustness of those systems when in use. That is - they work and continue to work!

A particular solution for a customer might be a customised solution or one of our configurable system products. Or it might be a combination - tailoring a base product to suit specific needs.

In trying to ensure value for money, we offer the use of efficient application development tools when this is relevant. Many clients have benefitted from this approach.

Of course, where standards apply and there is a narrow range of tools which can be used, we can generally deliver a solution within that framework.

If any of our specific solutions is of interest, or if you have a special business need that requires a special system solution, just ring or email and we'll be happy to help.