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October 2009: Sydney Water system tracks liquid trade waste

Waste Management, Monitoring and Tracking has been involved in systems for waste monitoring and tracking for 12 years.

This includes database applications, and remote static and mobile data collection.

WasteSafe is the developer for Australian Water Technologies' (AWT) WasteSafe Waste Monitoring system and has provided development and support services for Wastesafe for the past 12 years.

Recent extensive redevelopment has included migration to Oracle and the addition of a web interface for WasteSafe customers. Combining these with the addition of mobile PC barcode scanners for truck drivers means that WasteSafe is a highly effective means of monitoring the compliance of waste collection and monitoring the type and source of waste being transported and processed in a region.

WasteSafe is currently used by Sydney Water Corporation, and by AWT to provide waste monitoring for councils in Queensland and New South Wales. Wastes being tracked include greasetrap and assorted liquid trade waste, as well as a variety of other liquid wastes including septic.

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WasteTrack is a system formerly used by the Waste Management Division of the Western Australian Department of Environmental Protection.

It provided the same functions as WasteSafe above, plus the Division's requirements of handling licencing of waste transporters and processors.


WasteLink is' own range of waste management, monitoring and Tracking system products.

WasteLink covers different ground to the systems above, including the management of other waste types including clinical or medical waste.

WasteLink handles the day-to-day problems of waste transport and processing, including GIS-based functions for truck routing and allocation.

This includes data capture at the point of data collection through to the consolidation and analysis of compliance and trend information.

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